Purchase VIP Terms of Service

VIP benefits

  1. After purchasing a VIP to become a premium member, recommending a friend to buy a mining machine or workforce can get a corresponding proportion of rebates. This VIP is for the entire engine store. If it is suitable for other platforms, the official will have special instructions. The rebate will not only include cash, but also a pass reward.
  2. All the referees below the VIP, all the people recommended by the referral, VIP will receive the corresponding rebate.
  3. If the VIP rebate ratio is signed, it will not be easy to change. If the VIP makes a loss to Shenzhen Canton AI Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Canton AI), the rebate will be unilaterally punished.
  4. Buying a VIP online will gain brand access, and the official will fully support the operating resources.
  5. If the official access to the cooperative exchange, the VIP data and the recommended data and the exchange can be opened, and the VIP can also obtain the exchange fee return point of the exchange. The specific proportion will be announced by the official.
  6. The top 100 VIPs will receive the highest rebate ratio, VIP1 is 10%, VIP2 is 6%.

VIP price

  1. The price of VIP1 is RMB 50,000.
  2. The price of VIP2 is 35,000 yuan.

VIP compliance rules

  1. Once a VIP member is purchased, there is no special circumstances and the official will not refund.
  2. Customers who purchase VIPs will abide by local laws and cannot engage in side scams, illegal fundraising and other activities.
  3. VIP members will be lifelong and cannot be transferred and sold at will.
  4. All of the above terms and conditions are owned by Canton AI.
  5. Once purchased, you agree to the above rules and become a VIP member of the Engine Mall.