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Shenzhen Canton AI Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Canton AI) was established in 2019. It is an innovative company dedicated to creating a mining ecosystem for the entire industry chain. Its products and services include distributed storage devices, intelligent storage systems, and integrated mining Field construction, engine mining pool cloud computing power services, distributed network technology development, etc., developed two series of mining machine products-engine series and supercomputing series, maintained long-term cooperation with five major mines across the country, and actively absorbed more quality The POC mining project realizes product diversification, and currently has a mature technology research and development system and a complete industrial production supply chain.

Canton AI is headquartered in Baoan District, Shenzhen, with branches in Jiangsu, Sichuan, and Singapore. The global node layout has exceeded 30,000. Canton AI will continue to focus on distributed storage, artificial intelligence, 5G, and blockchain in the future In other fields, establish more domestic and foreign nodes, deepen the development of the entire industry chain mining ecology, and lead the new style of the digital economy!



Brand Story

The story between Engine and Mining already existed for a long time. In 1698, a steam engine named "Friends of Miners" was invented and used to help pumping water from coal mines in British.After that, James Watt improved the steam engine and developed an internal combustion engine based on it.Nowadays engine is widely used. It is inevitable that human beings will enter the era of full engine drive. If we want to trace the roots, it is the engine revolution caused by mining. To commemorate the splendid epic of humanity and to open the next era of passion, we name the mining machine "IPFS Engine".

Engine Os

Canton's independently developed Engine Os(EngineOS) is based on Linux and uses big data + AI technology to dynamically adjust space and support multi-mining mining; the world's first professional Filecoin mining operation and maintenance management system independently developed by Canton can quickly Build a large-scale cluster, and make a variety of flexible combinations in hardware configuration based on data results. The Engine Os is respectively installed in the engine series and the supercomputing series, both of which realize double digging.

The Engine Os has the following five major functions:

(1) Highly scalable and high performance architecture, complete background monitoring mechanism to meet the multi-level management needs of the mine;

(2) Improve revenue, user encryption management token to ensure high efficiency and safety;

(3) Automated operation and maintenance system to reduce labor costs; bad hard disk detection, early warning, automatic mounting;

(4) Support strategy support to optimize node revenue to the greatest extent;

(5) Distributed node management, remote operation and maintenance combined with local operation and maintenance scheduling, and push warning information.

The Engine Os can realize the one-stop management of all mining machines of the user, so that the customer's after-sales can achieve worry-free management.

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